Blog Ukraine Bombed And Our Friend is Trapped There

Ukraine Bombed And Our Friend is Trapped There

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Photo by Ministry of Defence of Ukraine @ Flickr

The world woke up this morning to a new reality: Russia has attacked the Ukraine and war has broken out.

We’re in Europe right now, but thankfully we’re nowhere near this conflict so we’re not the ones in danger. But a friend of ours is, and we’re very very worried about him.

We first met Johnny FD at the Digital Nomad conference in Chiang Mai back in 2020. We interviewed him on this very blog, and he interviewed us for his podcast. Our conversations centred around digital nomadism, remote work, and Financial Independence. Never in a million years did I think he’d end up in a war zone, but here we are.

Since the pandemic hit, Johnny chose to keep travelling while we flew back home to Canada. Last I heard he was bouncing around in Southeast Asia. At some point last year, he visited the Ukraine and, from what I can tell, fell in love with the country and its capital Kiev, in particular.

As 2021 turned to 2022 and rumours of an invasion started to circulate, he chose to stay. As the situation became hotter and his inbox flooded with messages telling him to leave, he chose to stay. Even up to a few days ago when his parents were begging him to get the hell out of dodge, he chose to stay.

This morning, he was woken up by the sounds of explosions. The airport had just been bombed.

Johnny FD is now trapped in Kiev.

And in typical Johnny FD fashion, he is live-streaming the whole thing.

President Joe Biden evacuated Americans from the country weeks ago because if Russia did end up invading, he wouldn’t be able to send US troops back in for fear of starting World War III.

That means he’s one of the last American citizens still in the Ukraine.

I don’t know how this is going to turn out for the Ukraine, and I don’t know how this is going to turn out for him, but there’s a good chance that he’s going to become an international news story very soon. I truly hope that this story has a happy ending, but I honestly don’t know right now.

Stay safe, Johnny FD. Keep your head down and we’ll grab a beer together when you’re back home. I bet you’ll have a HELL of a story to tell us.

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